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We are now able to accept your donations via Pay Pal, Alternatively, if you wish you may send a cheque or Postal order direct to our Head Office, VAUK Centre, International House, Springhill Rd, Burnley, BB11 2LQ. Please remember that if you pay tax to the value of your donation we may be able to claim gift Aid and increase your donation by 20%.  Thank you for supporting our work. 

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To become a member of the VAUK for just £12pa there are several payment options open to you: we will be shortly operating a visa/debit card option and PayPal for electronic payments until then please pay by cheque or postal order, thanks guys.

Cheque: Make payable to Veteran's Association UK and post to the office in Burnley.

VAUK members: if you would like to chat to other members or voice an opinion relevant to VAUK then please go to the Forum and log in with the username and password which was emailed to you when you joined the new VAUK website, thank you.

If you think you should be on the forum and haven't yet received your log-in information then please feel free to contact the Head office we are looking at engaging another membership/ online manager

Veteran's Association UK will not use your details for anything other than the purpose for which you entered them into the website: we will not sell or transfer any details to any 3rd parties without your specific consent in writing.  



We are looking for Korean War Veterans to be interviewed and filmed for a TV Documentary, anyone interested please email me on thanks, H. 


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     The Veterans Association Uk 24 / 7 Hour PTSD Hotline. 

                           01282 219391


                         please do not ring our old number 01282 787172, it is no longer in use, please use the above number.



                                           We hope you find our website informative and entertaining.  

VAUK are an organisation run mostly by a nationwide network of volunteers, which span the country from Cornwall to the far north of Scotland!  Our services are free to access and all our coordinators are trained.                                    

We are mostly self-funded and a good part of the money we need to keep our office running comes from membership fees.  If you would like to support the VAUK by becoming a member the cost is only £12 pa and you can join by going over to the 'Membership' page: if you don't wish to become a member but would still like to donate then there's a button for that too :-) 

The Veteran's Association was created from a single Facebook page, set up by Tony (Hannable) Hayes in 2011, in response to a TV programme discussing the plight of homeless veterans.  That page grew rapidly as more and more people became outraged by the apparent lack of care by Government and support associations for these people whom daily risked life and limb to protect our freedoms and our way of life. There has not been one single year in living memory in which British Forces were not involved in conflict: the continuing loss of life and the disabilities suffered and discrimination afforded to these heroes was, and is, appalling. To find out more about the conflicts we have been involved with click here

We at VAUK strive to re-balance the scales, by acting on behalf of men and women who are terribly let down by other organisations, with our vow that we will not turn away, nor judge, nor discriminate against any veteran or serving person who genuinely needs our help.  


Latest Testimonials

Evaluation of the clinical accuracy of clinical information by Dr Therese Andre.

Dr Therese Andre is the senior clinical Lead (Mental Health), Therese is a Doctor of Neuropsychology having trained for many years in Chicago, she worked with Canadian and U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Therese currently works in the NHS as a Neuropsychologist but was amazed at the lack of medical knowledge of Complex Multiple Trauma Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) within the NHS in the UK.

The information given to our caseworkers / SRC's during the course is totally correct and proper.  

Elderly Female Veteran in Huddersfield needed help.

The VAUK was contacted by the grandson of an elderly female veteran called Kathleen, She was ex RAF from WW2 who served in RAF Hemswell in Lincolnshire with Bomber Command. In her latter years Kathleen became quite badly disabled and request a bathroom renovation to her garage for ease of use.

The VAUK obtained the renovation for Kathleen making life much better for her.

Letter from Melanie from Scotland, A former Mental Health Nurse

Melanie contacted the VAUK Hotline recently desperate for help for her PTSD.

Melanie, a former mental health nurse in the NHS for years suffers with Complex Multi Trauma PTSD and has been unable to access any decent help for her illness through the normal routes, she even paid for a private Psychologist who had no idea and PTSD Issues, she contacted our hotline and spoke to Tony Hayes a VAUK Counsellor for an hour and half. 

Jasmine aged 14, in need of help for her PTSD.

This is the story of a lovely young lady called Jasmine aged 14 , Jasmine suffers with PTSD  and her mum and dad have found it hard to get the treatment Jas needs they went the CAMHS and private clinicians to help their daughter but nothing worked.

Jasmines mum contacted the VAUK through the Hotline resulting in the family attending a meeting in the VAUK Centre with Tony Hayes, Jasmine, mum and dad spent a few hours with Tony who offered counselling to Jasmine and then referred her to a Specialist psychotherapist. 

VAUK Accrington Office.

The VAUK Accrington office saw a homeless veteran recently, the guy has massive PTSD Issues and just gone through a relationship breakdown, alcohol issues due to his military experience, we now have him into treatment for his PTSD and re housed him. Happy days.

           VAUK Centre in Burnley, 

                                                                                                                                                     a multi office complex and Spiritual home of the VAUK.

                                                                               Some VAUK Statistics to date : 

 Veterans re-housed, 106:

 Veterans into mental health treatment, 327: 

 Veterans, Elderly Disabled Stair lifts, Wet Rooms installed, 6:

 Veterans War Pensions successfully obtained through VAUK, 56: