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Veterans Association UK

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Who We Are

The Veterans Association UK (VAUK)  is a veteran-based organisation but anyone can become a member and anyone can apply to train as a caseworker or Regional Coordinator. Each region has an SRC (Senior Regional Coordinator) and ARC (Assistant Regional Coordinator) and we are working towards having Area Managers for each major region: there are presently Area Managers in the N.E. of England, S.E. England, the Scottish Borders, this is still being developed .

Our volunteers come from all walks of life: some of them are parents of serving personnel, some are spouses of military personnel, some are or have been military personnel themselves and some have no military connection at all, but what they all have in common is a desire to support our veterans and our serving forces.

If you are interested in knowing more about volunteering for these demanding but rewarding posts then please call our Head Office in Burnley on 01282 219491 for a no-obligation informal chat and for more information.

As an organisation we try to secure the best help for our veterans, all psychotherapists used by the VAUK are fully qualified BACP Registered with specialist training in military mental health issues such as Critical Complex Multiple Trauma PTSD.

Interview with a Veteran