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Ex Marine gets stair-lift

Ex Royal Marine and Fireman Denis Ward and his wife Val from Bradford contacted us for help with a stair lift, Denis lost a leg earlier this year due to diabetes, Denis served for 10 years in the Royal Marines and 10 years in the Fire Service.

The Bradford Social Services sent out a Occupation Therapists (OT) Assistant to make the Assessment for the Wards and told them a stair lift could not be fitted, gave Denis a bidet and a pee bottle for his toiletry needs, this also meant he could not shower.

Tony Hayes spoke to the OT and managers at Social Services in Bradford who still maintained their position and would not fit the stair lift or bathroom conversion required. Tony contacted the Bradford Argos and the story went viral, offers of help came from two Stair lift companies, Acorn Stair lifts are local to Bradford and asked us if they could help. 

Acorn fitted a brand new stair lift in for Denis with four days of the story going to Press, Tony also appeared on the local ITV news and named and shamed the managers and the OT and received a telephone call within days from the Social Services Chief who have now offered a £25,000.00 grant to build a wet room for Denis on the Side of the House. RESULT !!.

We had another case about the same time from a terminally ill ex Para from North Yorkshire, he lived in a first floor flat and could not get down the main building stairs to go our, Phil Kendall from the local SSAFA got in touch with Tony as they had hit brick walls trying to help this guy.

Tony contacted Unicorn Stair Lifts who donated an oversized stair lift to the main stairs in the flats up to the first floor now the ex para has full access in and out, another good result and good to see VAUK and SSAFA working together, some of the other big charities will not work with us, I always thought it was about veterans not the organisations.

Veterans Involved with the Nuclear Test on Christmas Island Project

Any veterans involved in the Nuclear Testing on Christmas Island please click on this link.     

British veterans who served in Australia and the South Pacific in the 1950s and 1960s are the subject of a medical research study looking at the possible effects of nuclear test radiation exposure. This study involves both nuclear and non-nuclear veterans. More information is available including how to opt out of taking part should you not wish to be contacted regarding this study.

Chris Percival receives keys to the families brand new house

Chris and Liz Percival approached the VAUK for rehousing about September last year, it took an awful lot of fighting with the certain members of the local authorities but we got there in the end.

Chris, Liz and their daughter were forced to live with relations until we were able to secure them a tenancy, we wish them well in their new home.


Veteran number 114 Rehoused by VAUK

Keith is an elderly veteran from the West Midlands who was being badly bullied by some young neighbours, they were giving him a torrid time and his PTSD was through the roof, Tony Roath the VAUK W. Midland area manager took control of the situation, we obtained mental health treatment for him and rehoused him in Coventry in a brand new property, a delighted Keith is pictured with his new house keys in his new house. 

Keith is the 114th veteran rehoused by the VAUK. The Bullies received a visit from VAUK W. Midlands and they really are ''very very sorry for being bullies to an old veteran'' Naughty VAUK lol.